Thank you for inquiring about a pool and taking the next step of the POOL-ology process. Please fill out this Wishlist so our designer can be prepared for the scheduled onsite meeting. The purpose of the Wishlist is to keep the designer organized and make sure expectations along with budgets are met. Our goal is to create the backyard of your dreams and design a swimming pool to fit in your budget range.

POOL-ology’s base pool starts at $72,000 and base pool/spa starts at $87,000.
A “base” pool is 80 linear ft. with 400 sq. ft. of decking and base finish options.
A “base” spa is either 7′ circle spa raised with a standard spillway or an 8’ level spa

Wishlist Form Pool-ology

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  • The first quote and design is free of charge and will be presented on a monitor in our office. If you are building a new home and looking for information or design work without an onsite meeting please call back and discuss that process in person. After the design meeting, if you would like to leave with our design or have it emailed over to receive other bids on POOL-ology’s design work, we can sell the plans to you just like you would for house plans. The cost of design work is 2% of the price of the pool. If after getting multiple bids and designs you do choose POOL-ology for your project, the amount you’ve paid for the plans would be counted toward your down payment amount.

Swimming Pool Renovations

Pool Interior

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Whether your looking for standard plaster, quartz, or pebble, we can help you redo your swimming pool interior from demo to startup.


pool construction service

Usually done with a replaster, tile is one of the best ways to add a fresh new look to your Swimming pool!


inground pool construction

Coping is the stonework separating your pool from your pool deck. Coping is the third item that is usually replaced during a swimming pool renovation


You may want to add a beach during  swimming pool construction, refinish your deck, or add a waterwall or rock water feature. We can help you with any of your pool patio projects!



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